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BuzzWitter - Google Buzz to Twitter
Posted: August 12, 2010

Not so recently (some 8 new moons ago), a colleague of mine approached me with a strange request. He is a heavy user of Twitter (based on latest statistics of 3,000 tweets till date and 300 followers). Anyways, with the launch of Google Buzz, he got very excited about it (since it is not limited to just 140 characters and allows rich text and media) and wanted a utility to automatically tweet his Buzzes (saving him the effort to post twice, once on Buzz and then on Twitter). This utility is a result of that request.


This utility is written in WPF 3.5 SP1, and sits in your system tray. On regular intervals (10 mins if I remember correctly), it checks your latest Google Buzz entries, and tweets them on your Twitter account with a Bit.Ly shortened URL to the actual Buzz feed.


How to use:

1) Simply download the attached utility and extract all the files in some folder on your hard disk.

2) Run the utility. You will notice a nice Google-Birdie icon sitting in your system tray.

3) Right click on the icon and click "View/Change Settings".

4) Provide your Google Profile ID/name, Twitter account login information and Bit.Ly API key and SAVE.

5) And that's it. Sit, relax, start Buzzing, and Buzzwitter will start Tweeting.


Please Note:

Step 3 and 4 only needs to be done once (unless any information changes)

You can find your Google Profile ID by visiting Once there, find and open your profile. Strip out and you are left with your profile ID.

For Bit.Ly API key, go to, sign-in or sign-up and you will get your username and API key.


In subsequent posts, I will be discussing how this utility was built (specially the main components as reading from Google Buzz, URL shortening using Bit.Ly and Posting to Twitter all in C#). 


Happy Buzzing/Tweeting.

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